My newest story Princess is available now in The Big Book of Submission!

Submissions in Progress (send pie)

Every time I type that I giggle. Curse of the dirty minded.

So, I got a rejection on Waking Kiara and you know, that sucked. But that’s okay. Right along side the “aw bummer” feeling was a more positive one. I feel like getting rejections puts me on the road to being a writer. I wrote, I revised, I submitted, I got rejected. I’m really doing this, doing it the way it is supposed to be done. Can’t learn if you don’t fail, you know? Wasn’t my first rejection, won’t be my last either. Each one gets me closer to being where I want to be and makes me a better writer. Honest to goodness, the worst part was that I got the rejection while at the dentist’s office. Smart phones are sometimes the devil.

(still sucked. There was pie.)

In the interest of being back on the horse, I submitted her again. Courage, imaginary blog reader, that’s what it takes. Courage and pie.

I also managed to submit a short story* to a different publisher. I didn’t talk about this story much here, but it was super fun to write. It’s called The Ruby, a m/m erotic romance tale of pirate treasure and vacations gone awry. I was calling it “Indiana Bones” before it got a title, which aptly describes the silliness level I was aiming for. The best part of this one was that I reused a location I’ve written before, in A Pirate’s Legacy. It was like going home, if home were an imaginary tropical island.

Another call caught my interest so I’m working on a sub for that too. It’s super short, 3K is the upper limit, and due soon. I kind of like the process of writing in a relatively clipped timeline. It forces me to work frequently and efficiently.

In short, I think the writing thing is going well. I’m not *quite* looking forward to rejections in my inbox, but I’m glad to be working. Every story gets me closer to that million word mark, right?

*if a story is 18K, is it a novella, a novellaette, or a short story?