My newest story Princess is available now in The Big Book of Submission!


I am so excited about a thing, but I need to be sure all the bits and bobs are dealt with before I share so… yeah.

I wish, still, that the success feeling wasn’t so tied to getting published. Because I’ve had a lot of writing successes lately.

I submitted yet ANOTHER story to an anthology, news on that to be delayed until after summer. Rocking the new material.

I started a new one, this one not an erotic piece but a work of spec fic about the afterlife. My first spec fic since I finished the first draft of Worse Things.

On Worse Things, I’ve got at least one big problem with the manuscript solved, and can jump into a new draft far more confident.

Today I spent the morning redesigning the site. I finally added pages for the books, go figure. You can see their covers now, which in the case of The Bell Curve is a great thing. I love that cover, all boobs and penile space ships and stuff. Pulpy sci fi perfection.

Lastly, I’ve been reading a LOT. I know this is the advice and the wisdom from all writers–if you want to write, you must write and you must read. I’ve been reading faster than I can review lately, and I’ve got a backlog of great stuff to talk about. As I read I find story ideas percolating, so it must be working.¬†I’ve been focusing on scifi, spec fic and urban fantasy and paranormal romance lighter on the romance heavier on the paranormal (er… some of these can interchange). If anyone has any recommendations for me, I’ll take them!*

I’ve also been knitting the biggest lace shawl in the universe for a wedding. Because of that, I caved on my never ending quest for good audio books at the library and joined Audible instead. That way, I can read and knit at the same time. The shawl is coming along beautifully, and the book is hella entertaining (The Magicians, Lev Grossman).

All of this feels like being a Real Writer ™. Every day is a step forward, if only a baby one.

*Are we friends on Goodreads? If not, hit me up! I love to see everyone’s reviews and recommendations.