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Newwwws! The Ruby

You guys!

I have a story coming out!


Okay phew. I am very happy to say that I’ve sold a m/m erotic short to Torquere Press. It’s a story currently titled The Ruby (its working title was Indiana Bones, cause I’m classy like that.)

The Ruby is the story of Daniel, mild-mannered psychologist on vacation on the exotic Isla Luz. Somehow, and I think he’s not sure how even now, he gets taken up by a shady character named Hawk and dragged on the adventure of a lifetime. Turns out that Hawk is the kind of guy that even Daniel can’t refuse.

I don’t even think I could have refused Hawk. Check out the inspiration for his character:











Am I right? Sheesh. That’s Christian Kane, currently of Leverage. Great show, loads of fun and a lot  like a better-looking A-Team.

More about Hawk and Daniel as I know it, so please stay tuned. I’m super proud to be able to bring these adorable dudes to you.

Lastly, please check back here on March 25th! I am hosting a seekrit author for the Erotic Romance Scavenger Hunt. There are tons of giveaways (including mine) and tons of hot hot excerpts to be had. All the information you need is here: I’m jealous I can’t participate :D Good luck and happy hunting.

*Squee! A story!