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Friday Flash You

Remember Blackbloom?

The new challenge is to create gods for the world created by the winning choices. Here’s my entry:


One of the elder gods, Fate is often considered to be the father of Chance, Perseverance, and Poker. No one knows who their mother is.

Fate is the god most often associated with the Games. In ancient times, competitors often sacrificed their first-born children as an attempt to win his favor. Now he’s often a judge and therefore accepts bribes rather than supplication. Everyone agrees this is a better system, apart from those who don’t particularly like their first-born children.

Note: Fate is not to be confused with fate, the concept of the prewritten destiny. That doesn’t exist.

You should go create a god! It’s a great NaNo warm up exercise. Kind of like lunges, but without the burning thighs.

Thanks Chuck Wendig! I’m enjoying these mightily.

ETA: AUGH! I just noticed how often I used the word often.  Rats. You’d think with all the editing I’ve been up to I would have noticed. Amazing how the eye skips right over stuff like that.

Friday Flash


Over at Terrible Minds, there’s a little flash project going on that is absolutely fascinating:

These are the only things you know about Blackbloom.

First, that is its name. Blackbloom.

Second, it is a place where human and non-humans alike dwell.

Basically, it is a world building exercise. Write a little bit about Blackbloom. The entries are fantastic, lots of variation and I find myself wishing the stories existed. Go check them out!

For fun and profit (???), here’s my addition:

Blackbloom: a space station orbiting Europa. Earth is in desperate need of fresh water.

Drilling is going well, popular opinion polls tell us we are favored among the human race. Living far from home is weird, but not in a bad way. Last week, A comet flashed by us trailing a cloud of ice crystals. Everything looks different here, so far from the sun.

We’d be perfect if it weren’t for the black tar that gums up the works of the drill. Every day half of us drill and half of us burn away tar. The brains are working on a solution, but so far, burning it off seems to work just fine.