My newest story Princess is available now in The Big Book of Submission!

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All the news that’s fit to print

Exciting things happening here at Casa Amelia!

  • New website layout–always more work than I want but I like the new theme, it’s simple and functional.
  • The Can’t Talk Podcast has grown into Can’t Talk Media. Geek culture from a feminist, inclusive perspective. You’ll find a little bit of everything there including podcasts, Let’s Play videos, articles and general tomfoolery. Follow us on Twitter, too. I post there every Friday.
  • I have a story officially out in print! A real live print story. Check it out here.

Old news includes lots of work on new stories, several of which are out in submission queues and at least one of which is haunting my dreams as we speak. So you know, the more things change and all that.


Every year this happens

NaNo ends, and I lose all writing mojo for a month. In this case, more like two months.

I honestly admire and respect any writer who can charge through December and keep writing. Forget NaNo burn out–the holidays seem all consuming. I blame my own overachiever nature. I decided to hand make gifts which left me no time to write. Or at least, not enough time to spend on writing when I could spend it in a coma instead.

On the heels of that came a January full of sick family members. Everyone got sick but me. I’m still looking over my shoulder, waiting for the flu to sneak up and say “AHAHA FUCK YOU.”

I know writing isn’t a thing you can pick up and put down at will, and yet, I seem every year to take a few months off of the process. I suppose that’s why I’m not a superproducer of stories. I plug along though, stories come to mind and I try to write them down as best I can.

In good news, though, my story New to This finally has a release date! It is part of the anthology titled Fifty Gays of Shade, coming to Torquere Press on February 13th! More news as it comes, but here’s the cover for you:

50gaysofshadecoverMy story is a sort of response to the whole 50 shades phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the books at all, but I wanted to write a story where BDSM wasn’t thinly veiled rape, and wasn’t about the hurting but the deep respect between top and bottom. About consent, really.

Plus, the main character is super cute. Just sayin’. I’m super excited to be a part of this anthology, and I have been looking forward to the release for months. I’ll post all the details as they come in.

Hope you, my invisible reader, had a good holiday and are feeling ready to get back to whatever it is you’ve been avoiding. Or maybe that’s just me. Sigh.


The Ruby is available now!


The Ruby is officially available!!!!! WAHHHH!!!!


To celebrate, here’s a short excerpt from the story. Remember, it’s about a shy psychologist named Daniel taking a well-deserved vacation. Instead of beaches and margaritas, he’s tossed into an adventure story he did not plan at all:

(material copyright me. Don’t be a dick.)

(Hawk has just bumped into Daniel in a nearly deserted bar. No one is that clumsy…)

(Hawk:) “You know, I’ve been asking myself the same question, and I’ve decided the answer is fate. I think I was supposed to meet you, Daniel.” Hawk set his feet on the ground and leaned toward Daniel, his eyes flashing in the fading light. “I’m glad I did, anyway.” A slow smile spread over his features, lazy enough that even Daniel knew he was being hit on. He had a hard time believing his good luck. Maybe there weren’t that many gay guys on the island. Maybe he should quit worrying about it and let the man do his work.

“Fate, huh?”

“Yes, fate. You have a certain look about you. I think you’re interested in a little adventure. Am I right?”

Daniel had come to the other side of the world to escape the drama and pain of a caseload of patients. He’d come to relax. “Depends. What kind of adventure?”

Hawk took another swig of beer and gazed out at the beach behind Daniel’s shoulders. “Oh, you know, the usual. A little danger, a little excitement. Exotic location, unexpected discoveries. Maybe a little romance.”

“So, Indiana Jones then?” Daniel tried to be flirty.

“Maybe. Less car chasing, more treasure hunting. Like Lara Croft.”

Daniel decided to go for broke. “Too bad. She’s not my type at all. I’m more of an Indy guy. Square jaw, crooked smile, sexy hat.”

Hawk laughed, turning his gaze from the beach to Daniel’s eyes. His smile was more genuine, less swagger. Which of course made him even sexier. Damn. “I don’t disagree, Daniel.” He kept using Daniel’s name. Daniel knew the trick, he used it on patients. Using someone’s name implied intimacy, let them feel respected and heard. Knowing that didn’t diminish the effect. He’d certainly like to get more intimate with Hawk. “I do like a little romance,” he said, forcing himself to maintain eye contact. He might not have Hawk’s swagger, but he wasn’t afraid of what he wanted, either.

Unexpectedly, Hawk jumped from the chair and held a hand out to Daniel. “Good, let’s go.”

See what Hawk has up his sleeve… and in other places. The Ruby is available at Torquere Press and All Romance Ebooks.



I have received the cover for The Ruby, and I think it’s pretty cute. I like phantom Hawk there in the background:

The Ruby is tentatively set to release Wednesday, July 25th. I affectionately titled this one “Indiana Bones,” and my favorite line from the story goes like this: Treasure! Intrigue! Plots! Caves! So, you can imagine, it’s a bit on the silly side. I like to think of it as an entertaining jaunt through a tropical paradise with mosquitoes big enough to eat your face and a sexy bad boy trying to go good. Kind of.

In any case, we’re nearing release for this short erotic m/m story from Torquere Press and me. Won’t you join Hawk and Daniel (whose vacation has been downright RUINED by all this business)?

Keep Swimming

Got another rejection yesterday, but it was so nice, I can’t feel sad about it. I mean, a little, but the positive rejections are so much better. I feel like a Real Writer ™ with every step like this.

I’ve been working on Worse Things, I have about 10 percent redrafted now, in first person. I’ve never written a second draft before. I’ve always worked off the first draft and added/subtracted as necessary. Some of this work is that kind of simple editing, but a lot of it has to be rewritten because of the changes I’ve made (a character has changed drastically, not to mention changing all of Caroline’s POV chapters to first person). It’s a little ood. It doesn’t feel as much like editing as I expected, it feels more like writing another first draft.

On the plus side, I’m not finding that I suddenly hate this story, which sometimes happens when I go back to edit. I still pretty much love this story. I love Caroline’s character, and the world I’ve put her in. Apparently I’m happiest as a writer when I’m torturing my characters. Interesting.

Oh and did I mention:


OMGGGG *kermit arm flail*

I will have a story out! I wish I could give you an excerpt, but I want to be certain all the final editing is done before I do. Wouldn’t want to give you words that won’t be in the final (I hate that, when they do that in movie previews).

As soon as I have final details, I will put them here and everywhere. So excited to have something releasing!!

Other than that, my crazed June is turning into a much more sedate July. Lots more time to write. Monsoons are raging here in the desert, the afternoons are dark and ominous and perfect for writing about demons who eat people and the poor girl who carries them. So, onward!


Newwwws! The Ruby

You guys!

I have a story coming out!


Okay phew. I am very happy to say that I’ve sold a m/m erotic short to Torquere Press. It’s a story currently titled The Ruby (its working title was Indiana Bones, cause I’m classy like that.)

The Ruby is the story of Daniel, mild-mannered psychologist on vacation on the exotic Isla Luz. Somehow, and I think he’s not sure how even now, he gets taken up by a shady character named Hawk and dragged on the adventure of a lifetime. Turns out that Hawk is the kind of guy that even Daniel can’t refuse.

I don’t even think I could have refused Hawk. Check out the inspiration for his character:











Am I right? Sheesh. That’s Christian Kane, currently of Leverage. Great show, loads of fun and a lot  like a better-looking A-Team.

More about Hawk and Daniel as I know it, so please stay tuned. I’m super proud to be able to bring these adorable dudes to you.

Lastly, please check back here on March 25th! I am hosting a seekrit author for the Erotic Romance Scavenger Hunt. There are tons of giveaways (including mine) and tons of hot hot excerpts to be had. All the information you need is here: I’m jealous I can’t participate :D Good luck and happy hunting.

*Squee! A story!



I am so excited about a thing, but I need to be sure all the bits and bobs are dealt with before I share so… yeah.

I wish, still, that the success feeling wasn’t so tied to getting published. Because I’ve had a lot of writing successes lately.

I submitted yet ANOTHER story to an anthology, news on that to be delayed until after summer. Rocking the new material.

I started a new one, this one not an erotic piece but a work of spec fic about the afterlife. My first spec fic since I finished the first draft of Worse Things.

On Worse Things, I’ve got at least one big problem with the manuscript solved, and can jump into a new draft far more confident.

Today I spent the morning redesigning the site. I finally added pages for the books, go figure. You can see their covers now, which in the case of The Bell Curve is a great thing. I love that cover, all boobs and penile space ships and stuff. Pulpy sci fi perfection.

Lastly, I’ve been reading a LOT. I know this is the advice and the wisdom from all writers–if you want to write, you must write and you must read. I’ve been reading faster than I can review lately, and I’ve got a backlog of great stuff to talk about. As I read I find story ideas percolating, so it must be working. I’ve been focusing on scifi, spec fic and urban fantasy and paranormal romance lighter on the romance heavier on the paranormal (er… some of these can interchange). If anyone has any recommendations for me, I’ll take them!*

I’ve also been knitting the biggest lace shawl in the universe for a wedding. Because of that, I caved on my never ending quest for good audio books at the library and joined Audible instead. That way, I can read and knit at the same time. The shawl is coming along beautifully, and the book is hella entertaining (The Magicians, Lev Grossman).

All of this feels like being a Real Writer ™. Every day is a step forward, if only a baby one.

*Are we friends on Goodreads? If not, hit me up! I love to see everyone’s reviews and recommendations.



I spent some time *cough procrastinating on an outline cough* collecting reviews of past works to put on the sidebar. Since my site disappeared and had to be redone, I lost all that information and had to re-google everything.

I feel very blessed to have people read and enjoy my writing. They definitely motivate me to keep on working!

Also, I totally queried Waking Kiara last night! Just one query, I plan more but for now, this was a big step. Everything was polished and ready to go. I’d spell checked 100 times and re-read new passages until I can recite them from memory. Phew. I’m looking forward to the feedback, be it a rejection or whatnot. No really, I am. The direction will be good.

Now back to work! Gotta get some treasure hunting done.